Why Direct Mail Still Matters....

Consumers speak! People can't imagine living without mail triggers an on-line mail has a long shelf live....people take direct mail seriously. Read more.... View Article

The 7 Purposes of Direct Mail

According to the "DMA 2012 Statistical Fact Book,"Opens in a new window the overall volume of direct mail has remained fairly steady across the past three years (a slight dip from 2011 to 2012). So let's agree that, for the foreseeable future, we sho... View Article

Direct Mail vs Email

When looking for a more immediate response, direct mail easily rules over email. As much as we all love our electronic media, nothing beats holding a printed piece in your hand. Interesting story, read more... View Article

9 Ways the Postal Service Is Not Like a Real Business

Most people don't realize the U.S. Postal Services is a stand-alone government entity, and is completely supported by revenue rather than tax dollars. Check more so you know the facts... View Article

USPS Update: 7 Issues Mailers Need to Know...

"Direct mail works. Direct mail is the backbone of many multichannel marketing campaigns. The direct mail community must embrace data-driven technologies that will make mail more efficient and more relevant." Read more.... View Article

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