Data Refinement

Clean customer database files are the key to a successful ROI for direct mail projects. Manhattan Mailers processes your client list through our DataRefine™ program to avoid wasting critical advertising dollars by mailing to old, invalid or undeliverable addresses.

Data-Driven Results

Communicating with customers is fundamental to business growth, and address quality affects the lifeblood of every organization. Manhattan Mailers data refinement service is the most economical way of improving the quality of your database, ensuring the deliverability of your mail, eliminating considerable waste, and qualifying for the greatest applicable postage discounts.

  • Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMB)/Full-Service Authorized
  • NCOA/Move Update Processing
  • DPV/Address Validation
  • Automated PAVE Postal Processing
  • Merge/Purge and Dupe/Elim
  • List Suppression
  • Name Parsing/Gender Coding
  • GeoCensus Coding
  • Data, Phone & Death Screen Append

Address Quality Ensures Deliverability, Saves Postage Waste

It has never cost so much to have a bad address; the negative consequences of incorrect addresses lead to wasted materials, lost opportunities and reduced customer satisfaction. Manhattan Mailers DataRefine™ service ensures your client records remain accurate, up-to-date and viable - in short, saving your organization money.

DataRefine™ - Manhattan Mailers address quality solution - refines your data to keep client records clean and accurate. We guide your file through a number of processes such as NCOA Move Update, DPV/address validation and dupe/elimination to increase the overall quality of your organization's addresses. Merge/purge appends additional information from one list to another or in conjunction with one our targeted mailing lists; add a prospect portion to your mailing campaign for optimum coverage.

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