Demonstrating the extraordinary value and effectiveness of print communications.

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"Why Print?" published by The Print Council defines and illustrates "the top ten ways print helps you prosper." In addition to supporting each reason with user data, the guidebook also presents the visual impact that print can have. Each of its pages demonstrates a different effect print can achieve to catch the eye and inspire the mind of the reader.

Learn about the effectiveness of print and why print should be an important part of marketing campaigns, how print integrates with other media and amplifies communication messages.

Look to Manhattan Mailers to help you influence your customers and prospects, and what is possible with print that is not achievable with digital media.

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Free DownloadWhy Print? The Top 10 Ways Print Helps you PROSPER Free 24 page marketing report from The Print Council demonstrates the extraordinary value and effectiveness of print communications, and how the power of print can make you prosper.

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